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This is a place for fun, and you'll enjoy the food and atmosphere as you spend time with those people who make you feel great. Take a look at our Key West Patio page for ideas on your next event gathering.


Be sure to look at our pizza menu and full menu for all the great food we serve here.

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We offer many fundraising opportunities here at The Curve Bar. If you just have an idea of what you want to do, we can help you bring it all together and raise funds for your cause. If you are looking for an adult space to watch the game - you've found it. We're only open to those 21 years and older.


Give us a call and we'll help you plan your next event. You haven't seen fundraising until you've seen our chicken noodle dinner turnout!

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We will help you pick out a fantastic menu for your next fundraising event. Call us today!

We are a bike friendly place here. We promote rides, and we know that this particular community is great at putting energy together for a cause. We'd love to be your designated race stop!

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Our Broasted Chicken: The Best Chicken You'll Find in Indiana

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